Recipe : Sugar & Honey Scrub

It’s definitely getting colder, so why not use some every day ingredients that you have to make a luxurious scrub to pamper your body with. Body scrubs are a great way to exfoliate your skin –  sugar scrubs away dirt, impurities as well as dead skin cells leaving your skin polished and supple, while honey offers much needed nourishment. 

It’s ideal for areas like your feet, knees, elbows, upper arms and legs that tend to be neglected. There is no hard or fast rule on which oil to use – it could be a light oil such as sweet almond oil, or extra virgin olive oil, and if you need more intensive moisturising, then coconut oil would be a better choice.

What you will need:


  • 250ml jar or similar container with tight-fitting lid
  • Bowl to mix ingredients
  • Spoon


  • 140g oil of choice (I love using extra virgin olive oil)
  • 60g white or brown sugar (granules mustn’t be too coarse)
  • 10g raw honey
  • Optional: 1g (10 drops) of essential oil of choice like lavender, orange, rose geranium etc)


  1. Sterilise your jar and equipment (glass jars can be rinsed with clean water and microwaved for 2 minutes)
  2. Using the bowl, warm your hard oils (if using coconut oil) and add your essential oil to the liquid oil, incorporating it very well
  3. Let your oil mixture cool slightly (if using hard oils), then add your honey and again, incorporating it very well
  4. Add your sugar to the mixture, mixing it very well, then transfer to the clean jar
  5. Top up with a little bit of oil to keep the mixture covered
  6. Keep tightly sealed and use a clean spoon to scoop out your scrub when needed
  7. Try to keep moisture out of the jar, and it will keep very well for a few weeks

    Some settling will occur, so just use a clean spoon to mix everything and use the same spoon to scoop some out to use. When using harder oils like coconut, it will solidify somewhat during the colder months, so let the jar stand in a bowl of hot water and then use a clean spoon to give it a good stir.

    Apply to wet skin using circular motion until the sugar is dissolved somewhat, then rinse with warm water. Don’t overdo it though, this body scrub is great but you can experience sensitivity if used too often.

    I don’t wash with soap after I’ve used a body scrub – I leave the oil on my skin and then climb into my ‘jammies’ to let the oil work it’s magic overnight. Your skin feels absolutely wonderful and soft the next day.

    Remember to avoid using sugar scrubs on sensitive areas, and if you’ve never used a sugar scrub before, to test a small area first for sensitivity.

    Enjoy 🙂

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