Wholesale Natural Soap Product Enquiry

Are you looking for a wholesale local handmade soap company to supply you with handcrafted, custom and unique bulk white label or private label natural soap products?

We specialise in fully customisable natural soap:

Custom Natural Soap Bar
Custom soap bars with textured tops, multiple toned and embossed with your logo. Made with 100% natural oils, butters, fats (plant-based and animal), botanicals and essential oils.

Private Label Liquid Soap
Custom liquid soap with a variety of bottles. Made with 100% plant-based natural oils, botanicals and essential oils.

Custom Packaging
Bespoke and completely unique products complete with packaging and labelling. Make your product stand out with customised private labelling and packaging

Wholesale Soap
We provide the product, and you take care of the labeling or packaging

Natural Shampoo Soap Bar
Completely unique, or tailor-made to suit your brand, logo and packaging requirements

We manufacture and wholesale handmade soap, custom wholesale soap, natural artisanal soap and natural body products as well as bespoke gifts for weddings and baby showers and bulk guest house soap.
We also custom make unique wholesale shampoo soap bars (for curly hair too) as well as natural liquid soap and shampoos and natural pet care products.

Switch to cost-effective locally made natural soap for your guest house or increase your natural body range at your deli or supermarket. Why not offer unique wedding and baby shower gifts or include your company name or logo on corporate favours and gifts.
If that’s not your niche, then simply become a reseller of our products with your online store or market. All our products are fully customisable, with a wide range of packaging and labelling solutions available.


How does it work?

It starts with your idea for a bespoke, unique or custom product. We chat to you about your business, your requirements and product concept, and we start to get a better idea of what to offer. 

We work with you to design your unique packaging, labels and embossing, or guide you through your own designs. 

Once we have a clear idea of your requirements, we work on our formulation and design, and submit a detailed proposal together with visual representations, including packaging, labeling and embossing designs (if known)

Working together with you from steps 1-3, we put our visual representations into physical samples for your approval. 

We move onto production to manufacture your unique product as per your requirements. Have a cuppa and relax! We will make sure it gets shipped on time for your next event, product roll-out or warehouse sale.

Fill in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a tailor-made product solution.

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