Water (and soap) Saving Tip

Cape Town is currently in the grips of a serious drought, and people are sharing innovative ideas on how to reduce water consumption. Obviously leisurely baths are out of the question :), and we are now reducing our showers to 1-2 minutes, or as I am, skipping days between showers and using the old-fashioned “lappie” to wash the essentials.

A great water saving, and also soap saving gadget, is a foaming bottle. A lot of people use foaming pumps for hand washing only, but it’s such an inexpensive and great way to save water and to stay fresh in between showers. A really small amount of soap is needed, and thus reducing the need for copious amounts of water to rinse

Used with my liquid Castile soap (https://www.soapnthings.co.za/product/liquid-castile-soap/) or liquid handmade soap ( https://www.soapnthings.co.za/product/liquid-handmade-soap/), you dilute it 1:4 with water. Add a small amount of tea tree or lavender essential oil as an anti-bacterial wash, or peppermint essential oil as a refreshing wash. Squirt a small amount onto a damp cloth, and use as required. You can freshen yourself up with as little as 500ml of water this way and this water can go into your grey water system, your toilet for flushing, or to water your plants as it’s completely environmentally friendly.

You can find foaming pumps over here: https://www.soapnthings.co.za/product/foam-pump-white/ and remember to include a 500ml bottle https://www.soapnthings.co.za/product/bell-bottle-500ml-pet-clear/, as it’s more cost effective.

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