Shaving Soap

Natural Shaving Soap

Our soft natural shaving soap bars create such a lovely luxurious, dense, rich lather that provides superb glide, lubrication and cushion for those close shaves, making them a “must have” item for any hardcore shaver, especially if you prefer wet shaving. We have three gorgeous scent profiles available – our all time favourite Spiced, and […]

Shampoo Soap Bars

Shampoo Soap Bars

Explore the latest additions to our shampoo soap bars – now in larger +130g sizes. All bars are gently scented with essential oils and infused with beneficial herbs to optimise hair and scalp health. Shower Fresh Shampoo Soap Bar for Normal to Oily Hair African Blend Shampoo Soap bar for Dandruff Prone Hair Citrus Punch Soap […]

Lavender in Natural Soap

Lavender essential oil and other oils or fragrances that contain linalool and/or limonene, can develop soda ash. Prolonged exposure to cold air (winter, cold snaps, humidity) will increase the chances of your lavender-scented soap developing soda ash, and can continue to develop soda ash.

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