Oxygen Bleach Powder (5kg)

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100% Chlorine free. Oxygen Bleach is an excellent detergent and bleaching agent based on hydrogen peroxide. It is a good cleaning and bleaching agent at normal to hot temperatures and has a strong fungicide effect. Fruit and vegetables treated with oxygen bleach can be kept fresh, and be stored for a long time.

Oxygen bleach is a natural powdered bleach that releases oxygen for cleaning and bleaching of stains and dirt upon addition to water. It is made by treating natural soda ash with hydrogen peroxide. Upon dissolving in water, it releases oxygen thus forming hydrogen peroxide again and washing soda. Oxygen bleach is excellent for cleaning and removing organic stains (such as coffee, tea, wine, fruit juices, foods, sauces, grass and blood) from fabrics, plastics, fiberglass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, carpets, asphalt, concrete, etc.

Oxygen bleach can be used in any place in or around the house that need to be destained and deodorised; it is efficient, safe and economical.

Use it to clean:

  • Algae stained Roofs, siding and wood decks.
  • Ceramic tile grout
  • Food-stained plastic storage containers, formica-stained countertops
  • Coffee and iced Tea makers
  • Laundry stains
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Mildew-stained Tents, Camping Gear, Coolers, etc.
  • Septic system enhancer helps keep the drain field soil loose so that it drains well.
  • Boat canvas, vinyl, rope, teakwood
  • Lawn furniture – Sanitise household items from garbage bins, to glass jars, to baby diaper pails
  • Pet stains & odours
  • Use it to sanitise your swimming pool or hot tub.

Oxygen Bleach solutions will remain active for 5 to 6 hours, after which they should be discarded. Unused material may be poured down the drain. It will help clean and deodorise your disposal or toilet, and is safe for disposal to septic tanks. Oxygen Bleach solutions are most effective when mixed and used in warm to hot solutions (40C to 65C).

This product has been discontinued

Natural product ingredients experience seasonal variations and changes, so each batch may vary in colour, appearance and scent. This does not affect the product quality at all.

Size: 5000g ℮
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